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I will be completely remaking this webpage soon! I'm taking a different approach, and I can't wait to show you what I'm up to!

Hello, I'm Nat, welcome to my site, it's open now! It might not be 100% functional but I've done my best to make it presentable.

This site will continue to undergo changes in the near future, so check back in and see what I'm up to.

I consider the current progress on this site to be 80%-90% "complete" in the sense that most of the feautures I intend to include are present. There's a bit of content still missing or needing to be ironed out, but it's close to what I want it to look like.

I believe that neocities was having a server issue when last I updated my iframes, as one day they worked, the next they were unresponsive, and the day after they worked again. I'm planning to reformat them, but at this point I'm simply going to leave them until I do that.

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What's New

Quick Facts

I'm nonbinary (she/they) I believe the internet should be free
I'm a lesbian I support the right to repair
I coded this website I like ttrpgs
I like video games I am a writer
I believe in the right to privacy I love old technology



Contact Information

The best way to get ahold of me is via social media, linked at the bottom of this page, but I've included a form below to send me a direct message.

Do you want to contact me but don't want to/can't/won't use my public social media? Enter details below to send me a message! There's a spot for email but you can also put any other form of way to contact you there or in the comment box.

Due to limitations of the method I'm using to get these messages, it may take time for me to respond. Also, there is a character limit to the overall message, so maybe use this to open conversation so we can communicate easier in a different way.

(In the end, this is a method to avoid putting an email address up here where it could be scraped by bots.)

This particular link is for testing only, my substack is NOT ready yet. Thanks.

My Fanfiction

Click the buttons to filter the fics by fandom. Stories can be read here, or there is a link to read on Archive of Our Own.

These can all be viewed conveniently via my account on Archive of Our Own but I've arranged them here as a backup and for convenience if you don't like Ao3.

Others' Writing

I'll post reading links to other people's writing here.

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Most of the links on this page won't work, won't work properly, or will be changed over time. If you're already here, it means you're here too early! I'll post a proper update and have a 'grand opening' at some point, with links from my socials to this site once I feel like it's ready.


I'm going to put book and other reviews here? I might put this on the writing page instead. Stay tuned.


I plan to write some stuff, and post it over time, like articles or blog posts. They'll be longer, and while I might also post them on like, Tumblr, but they'll be easier to find here in a dated list.



Non-writing projects will go on this page, content pending.

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Zines will go here.

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Games will go here.

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Recommended Websites

Here is a non-comprehensive list of sites I love and/or think are worth a visit. I don't administer any of these sites so here's a blanket statement about how I'm not responsible for anything on these sites. Please let me know if any links are broken!

These are not presented in any particular order, though I may eventually sort this somehow.


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a small gif of sailor uranus using world shaking

Here I will post links to my shrines as I finish them, though none are done yet.

These are not presented in any particular order, though I may eventually sort this somehow.

kda shrine

Personal Links

Links to my stuff (including a button for this website) are here. A little sparse for now but we'll see what else I can come up with.

Copy the text from the box below each element to put a button or a banner with a link to my site on your own website! (If you do, I'd love to hear from you!)

Thanks for visiting!

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